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Kamchatka Russia Duck hunting guides Opening day May 1st 2019

Russia Duck hunting


Kamchatka Russia's ultimate Trophy Russia duck hunting  and Goose hunting, operated by Aleutian Island Waterfowlers and Capt Charles Summerville

Trophy Smew Hunts


Russia duck hunting offers one of the few places in the world to harvest trophy plumage Smew,Bean Goose and Eurasian Wigeon. Hunt Kamchatka Russia ducks Join Team X for the Smew hunt of a lifetime

Tundra Bean Goose


Hunting a Russian Tundra Bean Goose is allot of fun along there spring migrations on the Kamchatka Peninsula. Opportunity to harvest unto 13 species of Ducks and Geese all in full plumage.

Kamchatka Russia Duck & Goose Hunts

When you hear the words Kamchatka Russia  it conjures up dreams  of Cold War Russia bombers flying over Alaska and the iron curtain. There is a new Russia inviting and open to tourism and Russia Duck hunting, sport hunting and fishing on the Kamchatka Peninsula.   This area is what Alaska was 30-50 years ago much of it is untouched and un modernized. With the help of our Russian Partner & Outfitter we have an exclusive trophy duck & Goose hunt to offer to a few select hunters each May.  As we  offer two groups of 4 hunters a week trip to hunt one of  a few untouched trophy duck and goose areas left in the world.  Please call us for the final details 877-359-3003 or email us directly at

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