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Alaska's Halibut fishing Lodges Adak

Alaska's Team X-Treme Fishing 2019

Flyfishing Vacations

Silver Salmon fishing the Aleutians Adak & Coldbay Alaska

The Alaska Peninsula is world famous for fly fishing for Salmon, Steelhead and Arctic Char . We offer some of the top destinations based out of our Coldbay Adventures Lodge. Aug 20-Oct 20  $3900-per week

Halibut Fishing

Fishing for Giant Halibut

 Fishing for Giant Halibut and Cod is what we do on Adak.  If your looking for a true wilderness charter without crowds Adak is it,  No overfished waters here.   $2995 pp week with meals /lodge/ charters.  1/2 day trips start at $900 for the boat locally.

Salmon Fishing Vacations


Fishing the Alaska Peninsula based out of Coldbay with runs topping 40,000 fish in our streams/rivers and lagoons.  Aug 20-Oct 15  Local fishing with  boat transport to Volcano bay.  Meals / lodging / guides & boat charters. 5 or 7 day all inclusive packages. Lodge Packages  $2595pp  to $3900pp 

Cast n Blast


Unmatched fishing for Silver Salmon along with  a waterfowl extravaganza  for Black Brant *Canada Geese and Puddleducks.   hunt  Sept 1-Oct 15 in Coldbay.  Izembek & Kinzarof laggon holds the worlds population of Black Brant Sept -Oct. Package Trips from $2595-$3900pp  meals/guides/lodge.

ADak Charters and lodges custom Bolton Explorer boat.

Alaska's Best Salmon & Halibut fishing Adak

Team X-Treme Adak & Coldbay Fleet

1/2 day Halibut fishing charters $800  for the boat

8 hour Halibut fishing charters $1500 for the boat

Team X operates  9 boats total in all 3 locations ranging from 14ft Zodiaks to a 28 ft offshore.   During the summer fishing season in Adak,  June-Sept we have the Custom-built  Boulton Explorer and a 22 ft bay boat offering Worldclass Halibut & Cod fishing charters along with some day trips to nearby rivers and streams to cast for salmon and dollies.  

What separates us from other charter trips in Alaska is two  things,  the crowds and overfishing.  We have neither as we share the  whole island with only one other charter company.   We basically have over 300 square miles of  fishing for 2 charter boats. Along with having some of the largest sport caught Halibut in the state as we regularly still catch 100-200 lb Halibut with our largest #304 the past few years.  So if your looking for a trophy fishing experience not just catching a couple of 30lb chickens out of Homer or Seward than come out to Adak and fish the end of the Aleutians.  

More About Adak's Fishing

 Capt Chris Tolliver  has been hunting, fishing and exploring Adak for 15 years and with the completion of the new Adak Lodge  and purchase of another larger offshore boat to add to his fleet of 4 boats.   Adak team X-Treme is ready to offer our guest's a true Adventure trip of a lifetime. 

With giant unfished Halibut surrounding the island and hardly any pressure at all you will be assured of great fishing and a great overall experience with Capt Chris running things.

See the Action

Adak Lodge Halibut fishing charters

Adak Halibut Fishing Charters At  Adak Lodge June-Sept

Gradywhite in Alaska , Coldbay Alaska Gradywhite charterboat

Alaska's Best Silver Salmon Flyfishing

Team X-Salmon Fishing

Fully Guided & Outfitted/Meals  3 day lodge trip $1900pp

Fully Guided & Outfitted/Meals  7 day lodge fishing  $3900

Starting in mid  August we get runs of over 50,000 Salmon in the 6 rivers and lagoons we fish based out of our Coldbay Adventures lodge. 3 of the 6 areas we are the only ones that fish them, due to limited access via our day charter trips by our 25ft offshore Twin engine Grady white. Hands down the safest and most comfortable boat in all of Coldbay for Sportfishing.  It is also equipped with down riggers and electronics for some  trolling in the ocean for Halibut or Salmon if your bored of catching Salmon in the rivers. 

Most top lodges in Alaska have to do flyouts to reach good fishing , we have 3 local access streams within a few miles of the lodge with road access, and we have 3 other rivers and lagoons we access  by day charters only within  15-60 minute boat rides.  During the past 2 seasons we have never had another group fishing near us on our day trips by boat on our secret rivers full of Silvers,Chum and Pink Salmon. 

If your looking for truly worldlcass fly or spin fishing in wilderness rivers and tidal lagoons right at the ocean mouths then give us a call cause you won't be dissapointed. 

More Fishing info

Capt Charlie started guiding fisherman in 1985 out of King Salmon Alaska.  He then founded Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge and built it from scratch over the past 28 years offering worldclass flyfishing to anglers from around the world. After selling out and briefly retiring for a few years he discovered a couple secret rivers near Coldbay and in his own words "They are truly the Best Silver Salmon fishing in the state with no one else there"  

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Worldclass Salmon fishing lodges in the Aleutians

Spend a week in paradise in the Aleutians fly fishing for Salmon and Bear viewing.

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