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Alaska's Top Fishing lodges & Duck Hunting Aleutian Outfitters Adak

Alaska's top duck hunting and fishing lodges for Salmon ,Halibut or DIY Caribou hunting

Alaska's Team X-Treme Hunting & Fishing Expeditions 2019

Trophy Seaduck Hunting


Team X-Treme was the first Aleutian Outfitters as we pioneered Trophy Sea ducks,  King & Pacific Eiders along with Harlequin, Scoters and Oldsquaws . We were the original  Island X  King Eider guides along with hunting Adak and Coldbay since the early 2000's .  Operating  Nov 1st-Jan 22 for trophy Seaducks hunts  $4500-$5600pp

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Self Guided Caribou Hunts


 Alaska's top self guided Caribou hunts or duck hunting on Adak Island. Aug-15 -Oct 1st & Nov 1st-Dec 31. We are finalizing up our big game  transporter lic, offering boat charters, 4 wheelers and 4x4 pickups all inclusive . Standard hunts $1995  min 2.  Deluxe hunts $2995 

Expedition Package $3995

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Salmon Fishing Vacations

Alaska flyifishing Coldbay Volcano bay Sapsuk river sandy River

Fishing the Alaska Peninsula based out of Coldbay and Adak  with runs topping 40,000 fish in our streams/rivers and lagoons.  Aug 20-Oct 15  Local fishing with  boat transport to Volcano bay.  Meals / lodging / guides & boat charters. 5 or 7 day all inclusive  lodge packages. $2595pp  to $3900pp 

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Halibut Fishing


Fishing for Giant Halibut is what we do on Adak along with several species of Cod and Salmon.  If your looking for a true wilderness charter without crowds Adak is it. No  pressure like overfished Homer/Seward & Kodiak.  Our 4-or 7 day all inclusive charters/ meals/lodging/fish preparation.  $2450pp  to $3500pp 

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Emperor Geese & Brant


Coldbay Adventures Lodge and Adak lodge offers Aleutian Outfitters offer the best Emperor goose hunting in the World. We have a %100 success rate on all our Emperor Goose hunts Fully Guided/Outfitted or DIY Emperor & Brant hunts Sept  1-Dec 16 in Coldbay.  Nov 15-Jan 22 in Adak. 3d-7d Lodge packages from  $1595pp  - $3900pp

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Cast n Blast


Unmatched fishing for Silver Salmon along with  a waterfowl extravaganza  for Black Brant *Canada Geese and Puddleducks.   Hunt  Sept 1-Oct 15 in Coldbay,  Izembek & Kinzarof laggon holds the Worlds population of Black brant Sept -Oct. Package Trips from $2595-$3900pp  meals/guides/lodge.

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New for 2019 in Adak Custom Built Offshore Bolton twin 200 yamahas fully rigged

Who is Team X-Treme

The Owners Outfitters and Guides who make up Alaska 's Team X-Treme have only two purposes Safety & Professionalism- We will keep you safe in the most remote areas of the Alaska Peninsula, Pribilof and Aleutian Islands while operating in some of the harshest weather in the world, as our 34 year %100 safety record speaks for itself. While guiding and outfitting for the past 3 decades throughout remote Alaska our staff has sent home over 2000 happy guest's with a smile on their face.  Whether your looking for the best Salmon fishing trip in Coldbay, Halibut or Caribou on  Adak  or Trophy Waterfowl in any of our  locations  to complete the Ultimate Waterfowl Challenge,  we offer it all under 1 roof.  With a simple no "BS pricing policy" with the highest standards in the industry.  

Our staff of  Captains and Guides in our 3 locations combined have over  80 years combined guiding experience with all  of them being full time guides. No part time weekend warriors on a summer vacation working for a friend or relative like much of the competition. We take our profession serious along with our commitment to our guest's.  We have built our slogan of "When only the best will do !  and we mean to keep it.

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Capt   Charlie Summerville * Capt Chris Tolliver * Capt Justin Bleicher * Capt Kyle Sawyer  * Captains Chris & Shelby Kirby * Capt Brandon Miller *  Capt John Landry.

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The Miss Conduct our 25 ft Grady White offshore - Coldbay Adventures Lodge

The Top Outfitters in the Aleutians & Pribilof

Hunt & Fish Alaska's Aleutian & Pribilof Islands

Alaska's Team X-Treme only operates in the most remote areas of Alaska including Adak  Island, Coldbay and St Paul Island .  These 3 locations are all 600-1000 miles from the nearest major city or connected road, and they all are small remote outpost towns of 40-400 year round inhabitants.

Why Choose Such Remote Areas– The answer is simple, despite what other Aleutian Outfitters offer and the Tourism dept of Alaska promotes many areas on the road system that are overfished and hunted and crowded with guide competition fighting over a few animals and fish.  The Aleutian Islands and Pribilof Islands are truly hands down the last bastion of freedom and wilderness that has not been exploited to its maximum limits with it's fish and game stocks. We would rather be be a bit inconvenienced as operating in these areas is very hard and very expensive due to the logistics and freight cost's to get our supplies and equipment here.  Then to just offer an average  ho hum marginal trip like 95% of the other outfitters on the mainland working off volume and local tourist traffic. As we have none of either and that's why when you book a trip with Alaska's Team X-Treme you are assured of a true Wilderness adventure in the wilds of Alaska. Not staying at the holiday inn near anchorage getting the local tourist experience.  

Adak Island lodge  Top Outfitters  in the Aleutians

Adak Island lodge Top Outfitters in the Aleutians

Alaska Halibut & Salmon Fishing With Team X-Treme

Check out this great teaser video of Team X-Treme in action!

Team X-Treme Management staff

Capt Chris

Retired US ARMY Colonel  Owner-Head Guide/Adak Lodge & Outfitters. 15 years experience on Adak Caribou hunting and fishing . Long time Alaska resident.

Capt Charlie

Founder and Head Guide Team X-Treme  7000 hr Alaska bush pilot, 35 year boat captain, 30 year big game hunter.  Fishing guide since since 1980, Pioneer of modern day King Eider hunting on Island X.


Alaska duck hunting packages

Trophy Seaducks , Emperor & Brant Hunts

Team X-Treme offers Trophy Seaducks  in all 3 of our locations Island X, Adak and Coldbay although the seasons vary and the species availablity changes. Below is a complete list of all  species and dates. 

Coldbay Trophy Seaducks Readily Available **  Pacific Eiders * Harlequin * WW and Common Scoter, Oldsquaws * Pacific Brant * Emperor Geese*  Red Breasted and Common Merganser. Nov 1- Dec 16  $4500pp +  $500 add on Emperor  SAT-SAT trips

Adak Trophy Seaducks readily available ** Harlequin * Aleutian Teal *Emperor Geese * Red & Common Mergansers * Bufflehead* a few Eurasians ,WW and Common scoters * Pintails and a few  Pacific Eiders but very weather dependent. SAT-SAT

$3900pp Plus $500 add on trophy fee.

Island X– Dec 27-Jan 23  **  King Eiders * Harlequin  * LongTails * with  an  occasional Common or WW Scoters or Aleutian Teal & Wigeon, and very rare  Pacific Eiders as we average 1 a year.         $5600pp 5 day trips 

 Emperor Goose hunts - Coldbay Oct 1-Dec 16 

Fully Guided & Outfitted 3 day hunt $1900pp

Fully Guided & Outfitted  7 day Trophy Seaduck  hunt $4900

Self Guided/Lodging- 3d ----$1295pp

Self Guided/Lodging- 7d ----$2595pp

Emperor Goose /Harlequin - Adak Nov 15-Jan 16  

Fully Guided & Outfitted/Meals  4 day hunt $1900pp

Fully Guided & Outfitted/Meals  7 day Trophy hunt $4400pp

Self Guided/Lodging/Vehicle- 4d ----$1295 min 2 hunters

Self Guided/Lodging/Vehicle- 7d ----$2595

Cast N Blast - Coldbay Sept 1-Oct 15 only

Fully Guided & Outfitted/Meals  4 day hunt $1900pp

Fully Guided & Outfitted/Meals  7 day Trophy hunt $3900pp

Self Guided/Lodging/Vehicle- 4d ----$1295 min 2 hunters

Self Guided/Lodging/Vehicle- 7d ----$2595

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Have you ever just wanted to take an adventure and go do some cool hunting  or fishing trip in a far away land. Now is the time come take a  fishing or hunting expedition with Alaska's Premier Guides & Outfitter Team X-Treme. We still have a few prime dates available for the summer season on some great trips. 

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